My 11 am class was cancelled, so I had a little time to play dress up this morning.

I’ve been wanting to try a sock bun for a long time—for a first attempt, I think this turned out pretty well!  Initially I was using a larger, white sock, but my hair wasn’t thick enough to cover it completely and it showed through.  I swapped it out for a smaller black sock, and that went much better.

Really happy with how I look today. c:

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    Ah, oh my gosh. Thank you so much! I just wear things I think are cute.
  2. pincushionprincess said: You are ADORABLE
  3. cherrytide said: Ohhh, you look so pretty! Your outfit is supercute. I have to try this on my hair.
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    I really really love this combo! I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF STYLE SO MUCH! #idealbody
  5. reallyquantum said: I love that skirt, too!
  6. strangersatthemall said: PRETTY LADY
  7. loccent-commander-choi said: chel you look so cute!
  8. breadadict-crumberbatch said: How do you do a sock bun? I never got how to make it…