So I’m listening to Harry Potter, right, and I’m on the Half-Blood Prince, and the second chapter where Snape has a conversation with Bellatrix and Narcissa made me laugh because I realized that we followed “the Snape formula” with Victor.

> Introduce a character with an obscured moral code
> Establish that said character is an asshole
> Confirm, however, that this character is on the protagonist’s side
> But wait!  Allow the readers to glimpse a conversation with the villains which reveals that the character has been betraying the protagonist all along!
> Mortally wound character
> In dying moments, have character confirm that he actually was on the protagonist’s side all along
> Induce the following result: character is still a jerk but people feel sad now
> “After all this time?” “Always.”

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    This is cruel and you should feel bad.
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    You’re mean. Both of you.
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